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Hidetools Child Control is a parental control program
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Hidetools Child Control is a parental control program. It allows you to block certain sites so that no one can access them on your computer. The application can be password protected so that only one person can change the control settings. By default, Hidetools Child Control blocks all sites that has the adult content such as pornography, violence, gambling, also shopping and chat sites. It is not clear for me how the application specifies whether or not a web site should be blocked. A simple test allowed me to understand that it uses the web sites' addresses and tags. Web sites with words such as "porn", "adult", "drugs", etc, will most likely be banned. But sites that do not include those words bypass the filter. However, you can also add tags of your own to block specific websites. This can add a little more protection, but you have to do a lot of work, and chances are that, even if you still manage to add several words, some sites will not use them and still have an adult-oriented content.
You can block Windows that include a word in a list, and also add words to it. When a blocked site is opened, the web browser that was being used gets closed and an entry gets added in the Logs section of the application. All in all, Hidetools Child Control provides good security for the most mainstream sites. If you want a thorough wall to protect your kids from seeing adult-oriented content, there is a lot of homework for you to do, though.

José Fernández
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  • It works quite well for the mainstream adult sites


  • You always need to add new words to the filter to block the access to the unwanted web sites
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